Enabling companies to optimize quality Control  USING CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY-

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE & hyperspectral imaging

About Us

ImagoAI is a Techstars backed AI company with a team of Ph.D.’s in Chemistry and Data Science building cutting-edge technology that is disrupting the status quo in food processing industry.

ImagoAI was among the top 10 companies to get funded by Techstars and corporate partners Cargill & Ecolab to develop an innovative solution that moves the food industry ahead by leaps and bounds.

Our real-time testing solution helps companies to reduce production line hold time, deliver consistent quality products, and reduce waste by early inspection.

    Who we are?

ImagoAI started with the founders’ journey in the food industry in 2019. We realized the food industry has no single solution to measure quality parameters which human eyes cannot see such as measuring internal defects, the chemical make-up of food, or micro-contaminations in a real-time, cost-effective, and non-destructive way. The industry needs more than a normal vision system that can just detect what is visible. After thorough research and development, we built a series of products using hyperspectral imaging and machine learning to do quality analysis in real-time.


This unique AI-driven analytical testing solution has the potential to disrupt the food supply chain in a similar fashion driverless cars disrupts the automobile industry. We are on a roadmap to enable every food company to ‘Get what they expect as raw ingredients’ and ‘ Deliver what should be delivered to end consumers.

“If one has to improve quality control efficiency then hyperspectral imaging solution is a must-have”  - DOQA


“Hyperspectral Imaging Solution is a robust solution to test mycotoxin that has the capability to reduce testing cost by more than 50%”

- Techstars

“You are missing out on innovation if you are not using this imaging solution to test the food quality. It is amazing to see how food quality can now be checked in just 30 seconds” - TechCrunch

“More than 40% -50% of the testing cost can be saved easily with this unique technique of AI-driven spectral imaging” - MassChallenge

Milestones Achieved


Invited to present our technology at the GFSI Conference, Seattle 2020

ImagoAI was selected among 10 start-ups for Techstars Farm to Fork 2019 program in Twin Cities, Minnesota.

ImagoAI won Runner-up at Techcrunch Start-up Battlefield, Berlin 2018


Featured among top 10 AI startups across the world in O'Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference, San Francisco, CA

Awarded as The Emerging Data Science Start-up of the Year by Analytics India Magazine