The future of
food testing

Onsite real-time food testing using cutting-edge AI and Hyperspectral Imaging
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ImagoAI is collaborating with USDA to develop a

handheld mycotoxins test

World's fastest food test

ImagoAI combines  the power of Hyperspectral Imaging and Artificial Intelligence to enable on-site plug-and-play food tests



The Next Generation Food Tests

Multiple tests in < 30 seconds

Test more at 50% less cost

Mitigate risk from Day 1

Save upto 90% labor time

HYPERSPECTRAL IMAGING captures the invisible

Combining digital imaging with spectroscopy to give 3-D imaging with 200+ spectral bands. Chemical signature captured at every pixel.

Before After

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE reveals the invisible

Built on millions of hyperspectral pixels

Computed by hundreds of micro models

Tested on thousands of samples

3 simple steps to advanced food testing


Place food sample on the tray


Click ‘Record’ to start scanning

Get Results

Click ‘Analyze’ to get results

50,000 +

Tests Done

1000 GB +

Hyperspectral Data

8000 +

Hours Labor Time Saved

“I could never imagine such a robust real-time on-site testing solution!”
Nutrition Sciences
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